Tee's Winter Full Body Challenge

So winter is just about here. For most of us in the north we'll be bundling up for months to come. When spring time comes and we start shedding off our clothes wouldn't be nice to reveal a whole new healthier feeling and looking you? Well it can be done, and it's not as hard as you might think!


Before I go any further let's clear up a few points. Everybody is different in make up and lifestyle. That said not everybody will achieve the same results. However, once you set your goals, commit yourself to wanting to get there and follow the plans and programs as best as you can two things will happen. One you feel much better because you will get healthier and, again, depending on your physical make up and lifestyle, you will see results.

Trinity College Sports Centre, Trinity College, Dublin, 10/7/2013
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You are going to go through a transformation. It isn't going to happen overnight, these things take time and in general everybody should see results by the end of the second week. If that doesn't happen then you must be doing something wrong! Don't worry; I'm here to help if necessary!

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Everyone who is a member, at any level, can participate in this Challenge. It's not really a competition although there will be gifts and surprises along the way. You can sign up at anytime and start your program. The challenge is set to close on the first day of spring and then on that day we will launch the Summer Bikini Body Challenge.


There are two options. The first is obviously online Physical Training and Nutrition Coaching with the resources that will be made available to you here. If you want to participate in this Challenge and get the most you can out of it I suggest signing up for the Silver or Gold membership because with those you will get a more personal experience with me through coaching, emails etc. The Basic Plan does not include emails etc., although we do get back to all of our members regarding their training.


The second option is, in person, one on one, and group training. Well this isn't going to be possible for everyone obviously. I work as a Tier 3 Personal Trainer at Equinox Gym in Summit NJ. All of my one on one training is done exclusively there and the only way for me to train you is for you to sign up with Equinox and become a member.If you live and/or work in the vicinity, and you are looking for a great Personal Training Experience then I would love to have you as a client. Email Tee.

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