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Clique Fitness is a unique place to get in shape designed with the fundamentals of just what the word "Clique" stands for: a group of people, with shared interests that spend time together. When you become a member of Clique Fitness you become part of a unique group of people "The Clique Fitness Team" with a proven track record of getting people into the best shapes of their lives and really take an interest in helping you achieve the best results possible. You'll also become a part of a community of people, other Members that share common goals.


Along with the outstanding support and content provided by the Clique Fitness Team, Members enjoy a friendly atmosphere of other people that push each other along, discuss tips and ideas, share recipes and experience, and so on. So to put a unique label on this our Special Community, everyone that's a part of Clique Fitness, (and that goes for The Team, Contributors and Members alike) will be referred to simply as "The Clique" from this point moving forward.

The Team Spirit!

Acquiring a Happier Healthier Lifestyle will never be the same once you've experienced how we do it here by making even the hardest situations an ease to cope with. This is because The Clique Fitness Team is not only Training and Coaching you, we are actively doing it with you as well.

Although The Team will not participate in Special Events like Challenges, we will be with you every step of the way, helping you to succeed, while we reach our own personal goals as well. That's what A Clique is all about.

The Fun Starts Here!

In The Clique everyone can ask questions, post comments, share ideas, experiences and things of the sort. We encourage everyone to browse and use the free forum that we've made available for just this purpose. Besides posting new things as they become available on the blog, The forum is going to be the best place for news, resources and updates, besides being the home base for this happy and friendly community.

Let The Games Begin!

Clique Winter Challenge!

We are having a Winter Full Body Challenge. This one is not going to be of the competition type, but just a get ready for the next Challenges which will be a Full Body Bikini Challenge for Women and a Beach Body Challenge for Men. This will be a great opportunity and experience to anybody who has never participated in a Challenge before because although you will be expected to beet certain expectations and goals, you'll only be competing with yourself!

This Challenge starts whenever you are ready to do it and is going to run through the end of March 2018. It is being made available to everyone, it's a 30 day Program and you can do it more than once if you want to.

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Get in to the best shape of your life, and stay that way!
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